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    Felicita Vibe is your must have athleisure brand

    We believe in surrounding your life with good energy and that a fit body, a positive mind and a hopeful soul will lead to nothing but good vibes.

    Felicita Vibe’s design studio and creative processes are original and unique and created by world renowned artists exclusively for Felicita Vibe so you’ll be uniquely you.

    We strive to embrace the spirit of yoga, workout and the beauty of nature, creating iconic and timeless pieces, designed to work from studio to street so you will make a statement wherever you go.

    Our symbol the “Dragonfly” represents power, elegance and grace. The Dragonfly lives life as we should leaving nothing to be desired

    Enjoy your process, live in the moment. Don’t dwell on the past or fret about the future. Today be happy and make today your best day.


    Felicita Vibe is your must have athleisure brand that was founded in Southern California.

    Felicita Vibe creates styles you can be proud to wear, not only because they look and feel great but because we do our best to create, design and produce our designs using materials and elements that are responsibly sourced and earth friendly.

    Our styles and designs create beautiful apparel for fitness and are equally enjoyed as comfortable clothing for exercise, lounging or as a unique item to compliment your active lifestyle.


    We look forward to receiving your order and being part of your adventures.

    Wishing you Happiness & Good Health every day!